14 Day Return policy

Returns and Refunds

We want you to be completely satisfied with the products you buy from us. Therefore, if something is wrong, we are here to assist you.

Shop with 100% confidence on Smartchefstore.com with our 14-day return policy.

Right to Cancel.

Because we are a website you are not able to physically inspect the goods before you purchase – so the EU has created what is called your ‘Right to Cancel’ so that you can look at the goods we send you and decide if you want to keep them or if you want to send them back to us. You have 14 working days after we have completed delivery to decide if you want to use your Right to Cancel – after that period you have completed your purchase. This is referred to as a ‘cooling off’ period.

Food or non-Food? 
Right to Cancel legislation treats foods differently to non-foods. You cannot buy a food product from us and break the seal on it (which means we cannot re-sell it) decide you don’t like it and expect a refund. If the food has gone off or is contaminated etc then of course you should contact us. 

Below are some examples of circumstances when you need to contact us about a problem with your order: 
1. I have changed my mind and don’t want the goods anymore. 
Use your Right to Cancel – see Returns Procedure below.

2. The goods have arrived, but they are not what I thought they were. 
Use your Right to Cancel – see Returns Procedure below. 

3. The goods have arrived, but I can’t use them because the description on your website or the image on your website was wrong. 
Its our fault – tell us about it and we’ll take the goods back – see Returns Procedure below. 

4. The goods have arrived damaged. 
Please do not accept anything from the courier which is obviously damaged. Please refuse to accept the parcel and they will return them to us and we will send undamaged goods back out to you. 

If you have accepted the goods from the courier but find they are damaged or items are missing please inform us as quickly as possible. Please do not throw away any of the packaging – we will request a photograph of the packaging and the damaged items to confirm what has happened. If you do not want to send us a photograph then you must return the damaged goods back to us so that we can inspect them. 

5. The goods have arrived but they are faulty. 
Its our fault – tell us about it and we’ll take the goods back – see Returns Procedure below. 

The Returns Procedure (consumer customers only): 
If you need to return something please email customerservice@smartchefstore.com giving the reason for the return.  
Once you receive confirmation back then Please follow this procedure: 

  • Send the item back to the address given to you via email.
  • Return address: 1 Russell Street, Sheffield, S3 8RW
  • Include the packing note, invoice, or a written list of the items. 
  • Please include the original product packaging.
  • Include your address and phone number. 
  • Explain the reason for the return. 
  • Ensure it is securely packed. 
  • Please use a ‘signed for’ service that will have a proof of delivery and insure it. You are responsible getting the items to us safely. 
  • Alternatively, we can arrange for collection – but you may be charged for this depending on the reason for the return.
  • If you are using your ‘Right to Cancel’ the item must arrive back to us within 14 days from when you notified us that you intended to return it.

If you have sent something back to us using your ‘Right to Cancel’ we’ll inspected the products and if in good condition so that we can re-sell them, you will be refunded the full purchase price. If the items are not in good condition, we will offer you a fair price for them – or the option of having them back. You will not be refunded the original shipping cost. 

Please note that you are responsible for the costs of returning items to us – unless it’s our fault (i.e: the items are damaged, faulty, or we sent you the wrong items etc). 

If you are unsure about any of this, please just email us and we’ll be very happy to help.  

Cancellation of orders that haven’t been shipped. 
If you place your order and then decide you don’t want then please email us on customerservice@smartchefstore.com. If you email before 2:30pm on the day of dispatch, we will stop it from being dispatched and refund the full cost of the order. If it’s after 2:30pm then it may be too late!