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What is Smart Whip?

Smart Whip is an established brand of cutting-edge cream chargers which expressed purpose of revolutionising these chargers in the professional catering industry. Smartwhip takes pride in offering high-quality N2O gas at competitive prices. The main objective is to give a fast, effective, economical, and creative approach for your cream charger operations, offering everything you need to master your culinary cream charging and make the most of your time in the kitchen.

How to use Smart Whip?

Smart Whip eliminates the problem of not having perfect control over the amount of pressure (N2O) applied to your Smartwhip cream dispenser. You can effortlessly connect the Smartwhip N2O set to the Smartwhip cream dispenser and manage the pressure and portion size. Here’s an easy guide for you!

Screw the pressure regulator onto the N2O cylinder to get your Smartwhip system ready. Screw the adaptor onto the cream dispenser after removing it from the pressure regulator hose.

Fill the cream dispenser halfway with the contents of your recipe and close the lid.

Make sure the flow switch is turned off before connecting the pressure regulator hose to the cream dispenser through the push-pull connector. When it is connected, you will hear a click sound.

When the system is fully linked, move the lever in the direction of ON to open the flow switch at the end of the hose.

Set the barometer to the desired working pressure by rotating the barometer knob clockwise. As the gas goes into the cream dispenser, you will hear a tiny hissing sound.

When the hissing sound has stopped, close the flow switch in the OFF direction, ensuring it is at a 90-degree junction with the pressure regulator head.

Squeeze the connector body and remove the cream dispenser to disconnect the pressure regulator hose from the cream dispenser.

Shake the cream dispenser to distribute the gas evenly, then insert your preferred decorating tip into the cream dispenser and release the contents.

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